lundi, mai 14, 2007

AMON DUUL II, Wolf City (1972, krautrock)

Recorded the same year as the magnificent "Carnival in Babylon" and considered by many as its direct follow up (it is said that both could have been gathered as a double LP), "Wolf City" is the 1st failure in A.D's discography in my opinion. The way Renate Knaup's voice is recorded is often too shrill, and on the whole the production is too clean to suit to A.D's sound (their craziness is far now). Nevertheless, you'll find there some beautiful tracks : "Green Bubble Raincoated man", "Jail House Frog" or "Sleepwalker's Timeless Bridge" are among my favorite A.D. pop tunes. My rate for this one : 5/10.

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Anonyme a dit…

Sorry, but i don't agree.
My favourite Amon Duul albums:
1)Transderlemming, 2) Wolf City, 3) Carnival in Babilony, 4) Yeti, 5) Phallus Dei...
I love Amonduul 2, my favorite germany band.

mahood a dit…

Thnaks for the reaction, everyone is invited to give his opinion and gradings!
I'll give mine at the end.
But Wolf City in 2nd... why??

Anonyme a dit…

Excuse me, i'm brazilian. I don't speak English. Wolf City is second because:
Jail-house-frog and rain... are my favourite songs of band. Surround by stars is beautiful melody: acoustic guitar, violin solos, sintesiser, bass...
Others tracks are very good too.
Wolf City isn't experimental like three first albums, but melodies are more pretties. Neutch Nepal is very crazy and funny. Instrumental track is good, very good. In Brazil, very people prefer Carnival in Babylon, because guitars work. Wolf City is crazy, anarchist and melodious.

Anonyme a dit…

Some people say that this album was the end of ADII because it's a "commercial" album !
I would like that all the albums are "Commercial" like this !!!
I love this album, I discovered Kraut with this one.For me it's 10/10
I agree with Roderick.
Désolé Mahood !!


Anonyme a dit…

Certainly a bastardized form of pop music. I love Wolf City. As important as Yeti I would argue.


Anonyme a dit…

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